TRAC Conference 2017 at Durham Uni.

The team at base did their usual great job getting ready for Trac at Durham. The books were chosen and put on a pallet; the signs, change box, invoices and 101 other things assembled…but I forgot to book my own accommodation for the trip…oh panic! NEXT TIME the team will do that too – Lizzie and I have a checklist for travel and accommodation worked out – whew!

The Conference was great – excellent papers, lots of friends and acquaintances there and really good book sales. I have a funny feeling that my longtime friend, amateur archaeologist and bibliophile, John Steer and I are a bit like two thirds of ‘Last of the Summer Wine’. In fact I’m sure some people come by the Archaeology Plus bookstand just to see the comedy show as we keep losing things and finding them again.


Thanks to everybody who visited us at the Conference and congratulations to the winner of our Free £100 Prize Draw. Next up is a week digging near Pompeii and hope to see you at the International Medieval Conference at Leeds Uni in early July.